Playbex - Speed Up Video

Supports Youtube, TED Talks, Vimeo, iTunesU, Facebook & Others

Watching videos at higher speeds can easily move you through iTunes U courses or other media, which is highly recommended by productivity experts. Using Playbex is the best method to change the playback speed of Youtube videos and other, because it doesn't require entering the URL in an app, like other solutions offer.

Saving time and increasing productivity at a glance.

• Watch videos at different playback speeds directly from your browser. • Change your Youtube playback speed. • Change the speed at the tap of an iOS Action. • Leaving the browser is not required.

Playbex Video

Playbex - Speed Up Your Video

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Saving time and increasing productivity

Playbex is the best way to increase productivity and save time.

Fast, Slow Motion

From 0.25x to 3x speed. Available for both iPhone & iPad.

Supports Youtube, Vimeo, Others

Supports Youtube, TED Talks, Vimeo, iTunesU, Facebook and many others.

"My old speed up tool started crashing. This one is even better though because it works right in the safari browser! Very happy with this app."