• Glitch Clip - Make quick videos for your songs

    New effects similar to Hollywood style

Why You'll Love Glitch Clip App

Select short video clips and start remixing it. Add effects (kaleidoscope, mosaic, twist and more) and glitch things!

It's Awesome

Import your own clips. Combine two videos, adjust effects and send the resulting clip to your friends

Powerful Features

Connect a keyboard or a MIDI controller to the app. From here everything is possible: play live from your controller or synchronize your DAW. Glitch Clip is made for video DJing (VJing) but feel free to have fun and use it your own way!

Modern & Flexible

List your top App features and details with elegance and style.

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Fully Customizable

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"Awesome video effects. I especially like the distortion, glitch, saturation & VHS effects but there’s tons to work with, from Kaleidoscopic effects to Color shifting."
"I love using this app to make quick music videos for my songs."
"This app is a no-brainer if you’re interested in VDJing on iPad. Especially now that MIDI control comes with the base app, it’s phenomenal & fun to use."
Glitch Clip: VJ for everyone. Download it today!

Awesome effects

Check what you can do with Glitch Clip: VJ for everyone